Through decades of experience , from Seca the global leader in medical measuring devices and weighing scales we have what you need for everyday medical work.

Synchronised Weighing and Measuring South Africa is an online exhibition portfolio which enables visitors to browse and procure the information they need: complete product specifications, videos and photos as well as the possibility to directly contact us for quotes.

Our services are aimed at hospital purchasing departments, doctors , dieticians , paediatrics and other health-care professionals worldwide.

A major challenge in general medicine is the unpredictable clinical scenarios. For instance, a doctor may have to treat overweight patients who have pre-diabetes and high blood pressure, which puts them at a higher risk for developing arteriosclerosis. On the other hand, patients with deficiency symptoms are examined because they are more susceptible to infection and chronic inflammations.

When conducting routine examinations of obese or underweight patients, physicians may find it difficult to initiate weight discussion. seca products bridge the gap of communication and support raising awareness of maintaining a healthy weight with precise BMI measurements and qualified weight consultation.

Determine weight and height – in just one step
Directly after the patient’s weight and height have been measured, the seca directprint 284 measuring station provides the patient with a personalized printout from the printer in your practice. It shows the calculated BMI and its meaning. If the result lies outside the normal range, the printout offers tips for a healthy lifestyle. With this weight analysis, the doctor can give the patient targeted support and explain the consequences of overweight or underweight. The process is completely automatic. Once the measurements have been taken, the printout is generated on a local or network printer with no further action required from the user. The patient can review the data while waiting for the doctor and later initiate a conversation about the results during the consultation. Optionally and as part of a normal continuum of care, a detailed body composition analysis can be subsequently performed with a seca mBCA 514.

Body composition analyzer that delivers medically precise results.
The seca mBCA 514 measures body composition in just 17 seconds. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the entire procedure, including preparation and follow-up, takes only a few minutes. With the help of precise measurements of fat mass and muscle mass, the doctor can more accurately assess weight loss of overweight or diabetic patients and more closely monitor nutrition therapy. Data on body water assists with the detection of edema, particularly in patients being treated for intestinal, liver, kidney, or heart disorders. A close look at muscle mass assists in the assessment of muscle status and physiological functions.

We guarantee our products will deliver the precision you need in making your challenges routine medical work.




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